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Fracture Accident Benefits

Insured by Chubb Life Insurance Company of Canada

When an accident occurs that results in a broken bone, ensure that you are protected from head to toe with a tax-free lump-sum payment from The EDGE Fracture Accident Benefit. Whether adding this inexpensive coverage to disability income replacement benefits or purchasing on its own, the EDGE Fracture Benefit provides compensation for the pain, inconvenience and unexpected medical costs associated with fracture-related injuries.

Why you need accidental fracture coverage

Fractures and broken bones are the second most common type of injury in Canada.1

Each year:
  • 26% of Canadians aged 65 or older,
  • 14% of Canadians aged 20-64, and
  • 21% of adolescents sustain fractures and broken bones

As you age, the severity of a broken bone as the result of a fall or other accident increases. With Fracture Accident coverage, you and your family will be protected from financial hardship associated with an accident that results in a fracture.

Whether it be a financial cushion so you can take a day off of work to get a cast for a broken arm or the cash needed to purchase a knee brace or compensation for a more serious fracture, this comprehensive benefit works seamlessly with other insurance coverage to ensure you’re receiving the financial support you need when an accident occurs.

See how the Fracture Accident Benefit is a great addition to your personal insurance coverage.

How fracture accident benefits work with The Edge Benefits

Unlike disability coverage, you are not required to prove your income or be unable to work in order to claim your fracture benefit. All you need is a diagnosis of a fracture, typically acquired through an X-ray and confirmed by a licensed physician.

When a fracture is diagnosed, you will receive a tax-free* lump-sum benefit in relation to the severity of the injury, up to $6,000 with the Primary Plan and $12,000 with the Base Plan.

A sudden, unforeseen, fortuitous event.
A break or rupture involving the complete cross-section of the bone.

Administered by Chubb Life Insurance Company of Canada, anyone aged 18-64 can receive guaranteed-issue coverage until age 70. Coverage amounts are pre-determined by the estimated amount of time it takes for a fracture to heal.

This is not a one-time benefit, though any subsequent fracture of the same bone in the same place will result in a 50% reduction of the benefit. Additionally, no more than one fracture benefit will be paid with respect to all injuries resulting from the same accident. In the case of an accident resulting in multiple fractures, you would receive the largest amount in accordance with the most significant injury.

The EDGE Fracture Accident Benefit is paid in addition to any other insurance coverage you may have so you will receive the most from your benefits package. Trust the experts in personal insurance for your accidental fracture coverage. Contact The EDGE today to learn more.

*Based on current CRA guidelines.

Covered injuries and lump-sum amounts under EDGE Fracture Accident Benefits include:

FractureEstimated Number of Weeks to RecoveryPrimary PlanBase Plan
Depressed Skull24 weeks$6,000$12,000
Spine (one or more vertebrate)12 weeks$3,000$6,000
Jawbone8 weeks$2,000$4,000
Pelvis8 weeks$2,000$4,000
Upper Knee8 weeks$2,000$4,000
Knee Cap7 weeks$1,750$3,500
Shoulder Blade6 weeks$1,500$3,000
Wrist (small bones)6 weeks$1,500$3,000
Lower leg6 weeks$1,500$3,000
Ankle (small bones)6 weeks$1,500$3,000
Forearm5 weeks$1,250$2,500
Sternum4 weeks$1,000$2,000
Sacrum/Coccyx4 weeks$1,000$2,000
Upper Arm (elbow to shoulder)4 weeks$1,000$2,000
Collar Bone3 weeks$750$1,500
Nose3 weeks$750$1,500
Two or More Ribs2 weeks$500$1,000
Hand2 weeks$500$1,000
Foot2 weeks$500$1,000
One Rib2 weeks$375$750
Any Bone (not specified)1 week$250$500

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General Limitations and Exclusions
A fracture would not be covered if caused by or if resulting from any one or more of the following:

  • Intentionally self-inflicted injuries, suicide or any attempt, while sane or insane
  • Participation in professional athletic activity or high-risk sports such as rock climbing, bungee jumping, sky diving, racing, amongst others
  • An injury as a result of driving or being under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Participation in a criminal act
  • Declared or undeclared war or act thereof
  • Accidents occurring while serving on active-duty in the Armed Forces

Important note: fractures associated with or a result of osteoporosis or any other sickness or disease are not eligible for consideration.

This is a brief overview of the benefits, providing some key definitions, exclusions and limitations only. A complete policy booklet will be issued once coverage is purchased. For more information, please contact us or speak with an EDGE advisor.

The EDGE Difference

As Canada’s No. 1 provider of affordable, flexible financial security benefits, we have revolutionized the insurance industry by finding the best products for small businesses and individuals looking to create an individualized and comprehensive coverage package.

Experience the EDGE difference with:

  • A tax-free, lump-sum cash payment that can be used for anything you may need due to a fracture, large or small.

  • Financial protection that covers you 24/7, no matter when or where accidents happen.

  • Coverage that can be used to place a claim for numerous, separate incidents - unlike a one-and-done benefit.

  • Benefits paid in addition to any other insurance coverage you may have so you will receive the most from your protection plan.

  • Guaranteed issue coverage means no medical questions or doctor's appointments necessary.

  • Convenient enrollment and policy documentation 100% online.

  • Multi-product discount when you combine EDGE Health & Dental with any other EDGE coverage.

  • Quality guarantee and concierge claims assistance make it easy and stress-free to purchase and receive your benefits.

Insurance coverage is never one-size-fits-all with The Edge Benefits.

1 Statistics Canada: https://www150.statcan.gc.ca/n1/pub/82-624-x/2011001/article/11506-eng.htm
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