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Reduce Unforeseen Expenses

Emergency Medical Travel Insurance

Insured by Beneva Inc.

Provincial health plans don’t cover all costs associated with a medical emergency while you’re out of your province or Canada. As health care costs continue to rise, many provincial health plans are even cutting back on what - and how much - they cover. Private emergency medical travel insurance supplements provincial coverage, so no matter where emergency strikes, you can get the care you need and shift focus from financial hardship to getting better and returning home.

Why you need emergency medical travel insurance

When a medical emergency happens, compensation is just one of many factors that can increase an already stressful event. Concerns about costs may lead someone to delay medical treatment or seek sub-par care. By having emergency medical travel coverage, you can get the right care from the right places just like you would at home.

While most people are familiar with standard travel insurance that covers trip interruptions, lost luggage and delays, they may overlook the significant stress and financial impact that would result from an unforeseen medical emergency. Emergency medical travel insurance directly pays for or reimburses unexpected emergency medical expenses incurred while travelling outside of your province of residence for non-health-related reasons, like for business or vacation (restrictions apply).

Emergency health care costs can add up quickly

You can’t count on your government health plan to pay service providers directly in all situations or cover all out-of-pocket expenses. Whether payment is expected immediately, or you receive a hefty bill afterwards, it doesn’t take much to max out credit cards or wrack up years of debt from a sudden medical event. The cost difference between the amount covered by your provincial plan and the amount charged by a hospital or health care provider can be devastating.

Having the proper travel emergency medical plan provides peace of mind, comprehensive protection, and oftentimes, prompt reimbursement that could save you years of emotional and financial distress.

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If you already have group health insurance through your employer, you may want to know what its out-of-province coverage includes before embarking on your next trip. Some health and dental plans will provide a small amount of emergency medical coverage, while others may not offer coverage at all. Purchasing travel insurance is a cost-effective way to complement your provincial plan and the limited emergency assistance included in group health plans to ensure you receive the emergency medical treatment you need no matter where an emergency strikes.

How emergency medical travel insurance works with The Edge Benefits

The Edge Benefits’ travel medical emergency insurance provides guaranteed issue coverage for Canadian citizens and permanent residents who frequently travel outside of their province or Canada.

The EDGE offers two travel insurance plan options, insured by Beneva Inc.

Annual Travel Medical Emergency Coverage

Our annual travel plan is available to Canadians aged 18-64 working in non-trucking occupations, with coverage to age 65, and can be purchased as a stand-alone product. Coverage renews automatically each year and terminates on the annual renewal date following the insured’s 65th birthday. This coverage is ideal for those who travel frequently and do not have EDGE Income Replacement Benefits.

Monthly Travel Medical Emergency Coverage

The EDGE’s monthly emergency medical insurance plan is available to those aged 18-64, with coverage to age 75. This plan is ideal for those who are purchasing or already have Income Replacement benefits with The EDGE.

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Everyone deserves coverage and stress-free 24/7 global assistance when travelling. Single and family coverages are available, guaranteed. No medical exams or personal questions are required by our insurer, and rates are not affected by your medical background.

Our travel medical emergency plans provide up to $5,000,000 emergency medical benefit for the necessary treatment of an illness or injury incurred within the first 30 days of any trip. In contrast to coverage for items such as lost luggage, trip delay or trip interruption insurance, our travel insurance plans provide global emergency assistance and exclusively cover the cost of emergency treatment arising from an accident, injury or medical condition while the insured is travelling outside of their home province.

If the policyholder or covered family member needs emergency medical services while travelling, the insurer often arranges payment for services directly with the medical facility or care provider. For anything that isn’t paid directly to the facility, the policyholder can submit after the fact for reimbursement.

Examples of covered expenses include:

  • Hospital accommodations

  • Physician charges

  • Emergency dental treatment

  • Diagnostic services

  • Paramedical services

  • Medical appliances

  • Ambulance services

  • Emergency air transportation

  • Transportation to bedside

  • Incidental expenses and accommodations

Contact us today to get a quote for our emergency medical travel insurance or to learn more about our industry-specific benefit plan options.

What makes annual travel medical insurance unique

Unlike traditional travel insurance where coverage and premiums are determined by the trip cost, age of the traveler and length of stay, annual travel medical insurance provides year-round coverage for an unlimited number of trips, for a single, low annual fee. Our annual travel medical emergency coverage gives you the freedom to travel frequently with the peace of mind that if you need emergency medical treatment far from home, you will be taken care of and assisted every step of the way.

Business travelers, frequent vacationers and families with small children can especially benefit from travel medical insurance. The EDGE’s travel insurance exclusively covers emergency medical events and services, providing 24/7 international assistance to guide you through a medical emergency. No matter where you travel, receive first class personal support including referrals to preferred medical providers, payment coordination, benefit information and claims assistance.

Trust the experts in personal insurance for your emergency medical travel coverage needs.

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The EDGE Difference

As Canada’s No. 1 provider of affordable, flexible financial security benefits, we have revolutionized the insurance industry by finding the best products for small businesses and individuals looking to create an individualized and comprehensive coverage package.

Experience the EDGE difference with:

  • Year-round coverage for an unlimited number of trips, for a single, low annual fee.

  • Up to $5,000,000 emergency medical travel benefit.

  • Guaranteed issue coverage means no medical questions or doctor's appointments necessary.

  • Stress-free 24/7 global assistance when traveling.

  • No long underwriting processes, so you can be issued a policy in a matter of days or weeks.

  • Multiple coverage options to choose from.

  • Affordable, transparent rates for consistently low premiums.

  • Convenient enrollment and policy documentation 100% online.

  • Seamless coverage through job and life transitions.

  • Multi-product discount when you combine EDGE Health & Dental with any other EDGE coverage.

  • Quality guarantee and concierge claims assistance make it easy and stress-free to purchase and receive your benefits.

Insurance coverage is never one-size-fits-all with The Edge Benefits.

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