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Resource Centre

As a Third Party Administrator, it’s our mission to educate and empower Canadians to make informed decisions about protecting their financial security. Having transformed the industry by breaking down traditional barriers that can make insurance intimidating and hard to obtain, the resources contained here support our mission to provide simplicity, transparency, and unbiased financial advice. Please visit our Resource Centre often for information about our products, the industry, and how to protect your wealth.

Disability Benefits -Family financial security
- 04/15/2024

Disability Benefits Canada: Protecting Your Ability to Earn a Steady Income

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Everyone should have these insurance options

The five types of insurance everyone needs

- 12/02/2020
The risks of experiencing critical illness are too big to ignore

Why You Need Critical Illness Insurance

- 11/25/2020
CPP disability benefits likely aren’t enough

CPP disability benefits likely aren’t enough

- 10/14/2020
How to Compare Insurance Plans

Finding the right fit: How to compare insurance plans

- 08/19/2020
The Importance of Travel Medical Emergency Insurance

The Importance of Travel Medical Emergency Insurance

- 08/18/2020
The Prevalence of Disabilities in Canada

Disabilities in Canada: Why You Need Benefits

- 08/13/2020

How much should I be investing in insurance?

- 08/01/2020
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