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As the #1 provider of affordable, flexible benefits in Canada, we strive to lift the corporate veil shrouding the insurance industry. This means blazing new trails, being a champion for our clients, adapting coverage to meet their unique needs and driving innovation in the products we offer.

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We do insurance differently

We have – and continue to be – pioneers of the insurance industry by disrupting traditional models that don’t meet the needs of today’s consumers. Our business model makes coverage affordable and accessible; simplifying the criteria and underwriting process to ensure working Canadians get coverage and their policy quickly.

As the first to develop 100% online application and policy delivery systems, we make it easy for advisors and clients to collaborate on plans and submit applications without needing to leave the comfort of their home. With each innovation we launch, we aim to enhance the inclusivity, transparency and ease with which Canadians buy financial protection.

Being a small business ourselves, we understand the need that small-business owners and employees have to find affordable, customizable lifestyle protection insurance. We hand select the best Canadian insurers that meet our standards to develop industry-leading insurance plans that are competitively priced for Canadian individuals and small businesses.

With financial backing from the best individual insurance brands in Canada, we have a community mindset with the means to revolutionize the insurance industry.

Our Guiding Principles. Simple, Quick and Affordable.

Best Coverage

Our Promise: Quality Guarantee

At The EDGE, we’ve done the hard work for you by hand-selecting, vetting and negotiating with leading Canadian insurers to build best-in-class lifestyle protection solutions. With our partners’ offerings, you can build a comprehensive living benefits package at some of the most competitive rates available.

The Co-operators have been helping self-employed Canadians protect their income for over 65 years.

Loss of Income Insurance
Business Overhead Expense Insurance

Green Shield Canada is on a mission to make health care accessible to all Canadians with its comprehensive approach to health and dental coverage.

Health & Dental Coverage

Chubb combines passion for service with decades of experience to provide individuals and businesses large and small special risk insurance products tailored to their needs.

Critical Illness Coverage
Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance
Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance
Fracture Accident Benefits
Long-Term Disability Upgrade

Protecting you has been our priority since 1940. In the event of illness, accident or other incident abroad, Beneva’s travel insurance will be there to make life easier for you and help you deal with your situation the best way possible.

Emergency Medical Travel Insurance

Packages built to your preferences

We firmly believe that insurance should be attainable, affordable and adaptable for every Canadian citizen. With our partners, we offer the most comprehensive plans that can be tailored to your needs. Whether you’re self-employed or need to fill the gaps in your employer- or government-sponsored insurance coverage, you can craft a plan that meets your needs now, and grows with you through life’s transformations.

Insurance should never be a static product. As you age, your plan should continue to fit your changing needs. We automatically roll out cost-free product enhancement to existing customers so you can have the peace of mind that comes from receiving the best products on the market, even if you haven’t changed your plan in years.

Personal Insurance PlansSmall Business Insurance

Advocacy in action

The EDGE offers lifestyle protection products under one roof, but are not an “all or nothing” insurance provider. With our unique a la carte system, you choose and pay for only the products you need. We advocate for our clients to ensure they receive the maximum coverage and compensation when they need their benefits.

Guaranteed issue means our customers can receive most products quickly and easily — no invasive questions asked or information on family history required. Different coverage amount options and benefit periods mean you can find the products that match your financial means and risk factors.

Coverage is adapted according to the evolving health landscape. We are constantly on the lookout for more products at great rates that could continue to enhance the lifestyle protection of our customers.

Quality guarantee

We want to make sure you are fully satisfied with your coverage. If within 30 days of receipt of your policy contract you feel it does not meet your lifestyle protection needs, contact The EDGE and we’ll cancel coverage and refund your premiums.

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Best People

Real people protecting real lives

Our comprehensive, nationwide network of over 25,000 licensed advisors works to deliver a custom plan to meet the needs of each client. Our advisors are constantly being educated on the most up-to-date product information to pass on to their customers so they can feel confident about the protection they purchase.

We are always available to support our advisors and customers as they make one of their most important life purchases. Just as much as we’re constantly educating our advisors, we’re also listening to them and take their feedback to heart. We respect and appreciate the relationships they have with their clients, and value their insights on how we can always adapt our products to be as inclusive and simple as possible.

Our Major National Distributors

Making real connections with customers

We prioritize customer service to make sure our clients have the best experience with a product that can typically be overwhelming. When a customer has a question or claim, they can expect a white-glove experience from our trained support network.

Every customer’s situation differs, and each case is treated with respect and dignity. We advocate for our clients if coverage is denied, as well as during the claims process so they receive the financial support they need during hard times.

This customer-centric approach also extends to how we treat our dedicated support network. We have the best regionally-based field and head office sales staff in the industry and make sure everyone on The EDGE team is empowered with the tools and knowledge to provide clients accurate, relevant advice and a consistently exceptional experience.

Best Experience

Making a complex product simple

We make insurance easy to understand. With such an impactful product, you should understand what you’re buying and feel confident about how you’re protecting the livelihood of yourself and your family.

Our buying procedure is streamlined through electronic processes that are clear and concise. With available guaranteed issue coverage, everyone can receive basic protection.

We get you covered – fast

We have disrupted the insurance industry by doing away with many of the common roadblocks that can slow down the application and issuing process. Everything is in one place: online. Apply and access policy documents and claim forms from anywhere.

With simplified qualifying questions and underwriting processes, you will receive a response to your application quickly.

Insurance should never be all or nothing

You can pick and choose which products you and your family need and adapt your plan over time. This customizable approach can help Canadians choose the coverage they need, and save them money by doing so. Everyone should have some form of lifestyle protection to protect their financial stability, but with The EDGE you don’t need to pay for extravagant packages that are not applicable to your way of life or income.

Our policy pricing method calculates risk across all EDGE policyholders — not just within an individual organization. This means no single entity bears the full risk of rates increasing because of one person’s circumstances.

We’re in the business of paying claims.

We advocate for clients to make sure they receive the financial help they need when they need it.

What happened?

A 51-year-old general contractor fell on the job, resulting in permanent paralysis.

Benefit Plan

EDGE Income Replacement Benefits


This client’s WCB coverage had lapsed, so his EDGE 24-hour injury policy provided much-needed income replacement and accident medical treatment benefits. Although he was grateful to receive the maximum benefit under his plan, he ultimately wished he had purchased a longer benefit period that would have provided a stable income until his 70th birthday.

What happened?

A 59-year-old sole proprietor truck driver slipped and fell off his truck, suffering a clavicle and skull fracture that rendered him unable to work for over five years.

Benefit Plan

EDGE Income Replacement Benefits, EDGE Business Overhead Expense Benefits


In this case, by coordinating workplace compensation and private benefits, this client received income replacement greater than his Qualifying Insurable Monthly Earnings, providing the highest amount of income replacement possible. He also received maximum benefit from his business overhead expense reimbursement claim, allowing him to focus on recovery without personal or professional financial hardship.

What happened?

A 39-year-young realtor broke both legs in a dirt biking accident, requiring physiotherapy and the use of multiple medical aids to facilitate recovery.

Benefit Plan

EDGE Income Replacement Benefits, EDGE Fracture Accident Benefits


This young client was able to get back on his feet – pun intended – in just a few months, thanks to the immediate income replacement and accident medical treatment benefits provided by his EDGE Income Replacement policy. Without hesitation, he started aggressive physiotherapy immediately, received the care and medical assistance needed to aid rapid recovery, and received an additional lump sum payout from his Fracture benefits.

What happened?

A 36-year-young RMT tore a tendon in her wrist playing volleyball, resulting in a 2-year period alternating between partial and total disability. Three days after returning to work full-time, she was diagnosed with life-threatening breast cancer.

Benefit Plan

EDGE Income Replacement Benefits


Through separate Injury and Illness disability claims, this EDGE client was able to maintain a source of income over the course of her multiple disabilities, keep her business active, and receive the necessary treatment without financial setback.

Striving to create world class experiences for our customers and partners is what we do.

See what they’re saying about working with The EDGE.

The Edge Benefits has treated me so professionally and exceptionally. Thank you so much. You are truly a life saver. You have been so kind and gone out of your way to help me. I was getting nervous and you made my stress go away. I will be forever grateful. You have been exceptional and I am so happy to have dealt with your company.

- B.A., policyholder

The employees who work in the claims department are impressive. Every time I call the staff are kind, understanding and so helpful. They help to solve issues promptly and follow up when needed. They make this sort of thing seem too good to be true! It is perfect for what I need as a part time RN with no sick time. I have referred at least 10 other coworkers to your company. Thank you again!

- S.J., policyholder

EDGE was so prompt in claims-handling at a difficult time for me. Thank you!

- C.S., policyholder

Amazing representatives and client support. I LOVE THE EDGE!

- K.M., advisor

I honestly thought my request would take a couple of days. Customer service blew me away with being able to confirm my request, fix an error I had made, and submit my app for processing. Total time: less than 10 minutes! Ridiculously great service!

- W.J., advisor

I would like to take this opportunity to thank your company and the staff for their help while my husband was off after being injured. The EDGE paid exactly what I was told they would and processed the claim quickly. My Customer Service Representative was very helpful and always quick to return calls with the answers to my questions. I am always very nervous buying disability insurance because not all companies can be trusted, however this was not the case with The Edge Benefits. I will be sure to tell my friends of my good experience with the EDGE.

- G. & E. R., policyholders

From the minute I called in to advise of my cancer diagnosis, your customer service team was polite, courteous and caring. They emailed me my claims documents within a few days and a representative from Chubb even called me 2 days after I submitted the claims forms to advise they had received them and were sorry to hear of my diagnosis. Throughout the process, your team kept me informed and was always sympathetic towards my diagnosis. All said and done, the claim was paid within 30 days of me submitting the required documents. Well done and thank you from the bottom of my heart! I will continue to promote your excellent company and outstanding customer service!

- M.M., policyholder

We sell the EDGE products because of their simplicity. EDGE coverage is straight forward and the clients know exactly what they are purchasing. There is no waiting for the injury portion of the Disability Insurance to be issued. The instant issue products are perfect for our self-employed clients who are on the go all the time. The EDGE claim process also seems to go a lot easier than traditional claims.

- B.B., advisor

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