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Everyone needs insurance. We make it simple, flexible, affordable.

Insuring your financial stability shouldn’t be complicated. The Edge Benefits is the number 1 provider of flexible benefit plans for the Canadian self-employed and small business market. From income protection to Health & Dental plans, and everything in between, we make insurance simple and affordable.

Why Benefits?

With the growing number of self-employed contract workers and small-business owners, working Canadians are severely lacking the workplace benefits needed to protect their financial independence and promote physical wellbeing.

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35% 35%

By 2025, 35% of the Canadian workforce will be comprised of contingent, consultant and contract workers.1

47% 47%

47% of gig workers report access to traditional benefits as their primary concern in terms of employment.2

Gig workers desire many of the same benefits as traditional, full-time employees.2

  • 1 Statistics Canada
  • 2 2019 LIMRA Report

What The EDGE Offers

Every working Canadian should have benefits that help provide financial security when faced with a medical emergency or life-altering accident or illness.

Small Business Insurance

Approximately 1 in 3 working Canadians are self-employed. Whether you’re self-employed, an independent contractor, freelancer or small-business owner, you need to protect your financial freedom by having comprehensive benefits. If you have employees, benefits are vital for attracting and retaining talent, and ensuring life’s unexpected setbacks don’t impact your company’s bottom line.

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Personal Insurance

Canadians are heavily reliant on workplace benefits, yet nearly half of the population doesn’t have access to these crucial perks. Benefits are vital for maintaining your standard of living, making ends meet and providing for your loved ones should you experience a medical setback that leaves you unable to work. Our suite of lifestyle protection products are flexible, affordable and cater to the needs of today’s workforce no matter who you work for or for how long.

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Our Guiding Principles

Over 60,000 Canadian professionals and small businesses trust The Edge Benefits to protect their livelihood and families through our diverse benefit options.

Best Coverage

Best People

Best Experience

Real people. Protecting real lives.

Rated 4.5 by our clients
paid to policyholders in the last 10 years.

Real claims. Supporting clients when they need it most.

What happened?

A 51-year-old general contractor fell on the job, resulting in permanent paralysis.

Benefit Plan

EDGE Income Replacement Benefits


This client’s WCB coverage had lapsed, so his EDGE 24-hour injury policy provided much-needed income replacement and accident medical treatment benefits. Although he was grateful to receive the maximum benefit under his plan, he ultimately wished he had purchased a longer benefit period that would have provided a stable income until his 70th birthday.

What happened?

A 59-year-old sole proprietor truck driver slipped and fell off his truck, suffering a clavicle and skull fracture that rendered him unable to work for over five years.

Benefit Plan

EDGE Income Replacement Benefits, EDGE Business Overhead Expense Benefits


In this case, by coordinating workplace compensation and private benefits, this client received income replacement greater than his Qualifying Insurable Monthly Earnings, providing the highest amount of income replacement possible. He also received maximum benefit from his business overhead expense reimbursement claim, allowing him to focus on recovery without personal or professional financial hardship.

What happened?

A 39-year-young realtor broke both legs in a dirt biking accident, requiring physiotherapy and the use of multiple medical aids to facilitate recovery.

Benefit Plan

EDGE Income Replacement Benefits, EDGE Fracture Accident Benefits


This young client was able to get back on his feet – pun intended – in just a few months, thanks to the immediate income replacement and accident medical treatment benefits provided by his EDGE Income Replacement policy. Without hesitation, he started aggressive physiotherapy immediately, received the care and medical assistance needed to aid rapid recovery, and received an additional lump sum payout from his Fracture benefits.

What happened?

A 36-year-young RMT tore a tendon in her wrist playing volleyball, resulting in a 2-year period alternating between partial and total disability. Three days after returning to work full-time, she was diagnosed with life-threatening breast cancer.

Benefit Plan

EDGE Income Replacement Benefits


Through separate Injury and Illness disability claims, this EDGE client was able to maintain a source of income over the course of her multiple disabilities, keep her business active, and receive the necessary treatment without financial setback.

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