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Thank you for taking an interest in The Edge Benefits. We require all licensed Advisors to complete our certification training to develop your knowledge in the EDGE products, and help build confidence in recommending our products and services.

If you have previously attended and completed an EDGE certification, we may not have all of your correct information. Please send an email to edge@edgebenefits.com and include your name, EDGE code, and the date of your certification. Please allow 24 hours for access. If you would like immediate assistance, contact our Customer Service Department at 1-877-902-EDGE(3343) during regular business hours.

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In order to grant you full access to our website and sales materials upon completion of the Certification Webinar, CLHIA recommends that the following Duty of Care questions be satisfied:
1. Do you currently have any unresolved debt to any Insurer or Distributor?
2. Have you ever been bankrupt, or have a currently undischarged bankruptcy?
3. Have your compensation or wages ever been garnished?
4. Have you ever been charged or convicted of a criminal offence?
5. Have you ever been convicted of a provincial offence, had your license suspended, or been fined, refused registration, disciplined, or investigated by a regulatory body relating to activities in the financial services industry?
6. Have you ever been terminated or resigned, or had contracts cancelled due to violation of business code of conduct with any financial services company?
7. Do you conduct, or are associated with, any other business?
8. Do you currently have any unresolved client complaints?
9. Do you currently have, or is there any reason to believe in the future you will have any legal restrictions or impediments to prevent you from lawfully carrying on the business of insurance advisor?
10. Have you ever had a policy or application for Errors and Omissions insurance declined, cancelled, or renewal refused?
11. Do you hold a valid Life and A&S License, and E&O Insurance (Please note in order to ensure you stay informed and up to date with our products and services, if you are inactive with EDGE for 24 months after taking this Certification course, we will request you re-certify with our 20 minute Re-certification refresher before submission of any applications.)

    I hereby agree to the use of my Personal Information for the purpose of obtaining training, processing new applications, and for tracking and administration of in-force policies. I have read and agree to the EDGE terms and conditions.

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