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Success Stories

The EDGE proudly supports the financial independence of over 60,000 working Canadians, having paid over $200 million in compensation in the past 15 years alone. We take great pride in making insurance simple to qualify for, easy to buy, and stress-free to use. Hear what some clients have to say about their experiences working with us, and see first-hand how their trust in EDGE provided more than just a safety net during unfortunate circumstances.

Injury and Illness Income Protection provide most comprehensive disability coverage


36-year-young Registered Massage Therapist, Business Owner

What Happened

This EDGE policyholder tore a tendon in her wrist while playing extracurricular volleyball, resulting in a 2-year period alternating between partial and total disability. Three days after returning to work full-time, she was diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer and underwent an immediate double mastectomy followed by chemotherapy, resulting in a subsequent period of total disability.


For periods of partial disability where this EDGE policyholder was able to work in a modified capacity, she received 50% of her monthly disability benefit. This allowed her to keep her business running to retain clients and pay daily living expenses, while also accommodating a treatment plan to help her return to work full-time.

While she was totally disabled due to corrective surgery, she received 100% of her monthly benefit and her disability premiums were waived. Over the course of her claim, this client also received reimbursement for physiotherapy and other treatment costs, under the Accident Medical Treatment Benefit included in her EDGE Disability plan.

Upon becoming totally disabled the second time, she received her full monthly income replacement benefit and premiums were re-waived throughout her recovery.

End Result

This young, self-employed business owner was able to maintain a source of income over the course of her multiple disabilities, keep her business active when possible, and follow a treatment plan best suited for her needs without fear of significant financial setback.

Although risks of an illness-related disability are lower in your 30s than they are later in your working career, unfortunate things can happen to anyone at any time. Through a comprehensive income protection plan with coverage for injuries and illnesses, a brief waiting period, and benefits to the age of 70, this EDGE policyholder received medical treatment without compromise and income replacement with minimal disruption to her life and her livelihood. Upon her return to work, she will continue to have peace of mind knowing that her EDGE coverage will protect her for a long career ahead.

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