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The EDGE proudly supports the financial independence of over 60,000 working Canadians, having paid over $200 million in compensation in the past 15 years alone. We take great pride in making insurance simple to qualify for, easy to buy, and stress-free to use. Hear what some clients have to say about their experiences working with us, and see first-hand how their trust in EDGE provided more than just a safety net during unfortunate circumstances.

Testimonials and Reviews
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Rated 4.5 by our clients

The EDGE staff member’s input, guidance, and one on one counsel was helpful, clear and concise. She was thoughtful, thorough and made sure to clearly cover all the bases. I am more than satisfied with this new contract. Bravo.

- Matthew B

The Edge Benefits provided an excellent service.

- Bhawandeep Singh Deol, policyholder

The service I received was very professional. Great information, and very helpful. The variety of coverages offered by The Edge Benefits allows clients to choose which work best in their situation. Plus, the online application takes under 10 minutes to complete! I would definitely recommend EDGE.

- Nohora Meza, advisor

Having been struck down by an unanticipated and serious spinal paralysis in June 2016, and hence losing the ability to obtain and maintain any sort of employment income, I am very grateful to have made the decision some years prior to purchase Income Replacement Benefits from The Edge Benefits. Our ability to financially survive this unforeseen crisis was made significantly more possible and much less stressful because of my Disability Income Protection policy. I am very satisfied with the service and protection I received from EDGE.

- Daniel Small, policyholder

The Edge Benefits has treated me so professionally and exceptionally. Thank you so much. You are truly a life saver. You have been so kind and gone out of your way to help me. I was getting nervous and you made my stress go away. I will be forever grateful. You have been exceptional and I am so happy to have dealt with your company.

- B.A., policyholder

The employees who work in the claims department are impressive. Every time I call the staff are kind, understanding and so helpful. They help to solve issues promptly and follow up when needed. They make this sort of thing seem too good to be true! It is perfect for what I need as a part time RN with no sick time. I have referred at least 10 other coworkers to your company. Thank you again!

- S.J., policyholder

EDGE was so prompt in claims-handling at a difficult time for me. Thank you!

- C.S., policyholder

Amazing representatives and client support. I LOVE THE EDGE!

- K.M., advisor

I honestly thought my request would take a couple of days. Customer service blew me away with being able to confirm my request, fix an error I had made, and submit my app for processing. Total time: less than 10 minutes! Ridiculously great service!

- W.J., advisor

I greatly appreciate the online app features. It saves so much time and gives my clients and me confidence in The Edge Benefits.

- Anonymous advisor

Thank you for your services! I recommend you to everyone I know.

- G.M.S., advisor

Heartfelt thanks to the entire team at The Edge Benefits for their assistance during my disability leave. During these challenging times, I felt supported and understood by each individual I spoke to. My family and I are very grateful!

- M.P., policyholder

My husband wants to thank The Edge Benefits and our EDGE broker for the excellent service and the availability that my husband encountered after his accident. No difficulty and no lateness in the payments because of everyone’s diligence. My husband told his friends and colleagues about the excellent service he received and how satisfied he was. It is very reassuring to know that you can rely and trust your insurance company when you are in need. We are very grateful.

- J. & N. G., policyholders

I want to extend thanks to The EDGE for their diligence in handling my claim. I am nearly 100% recovered from my injury, and getting better by the day.

- B.M., policyholder

My client was initially apprehensive about buying disability insurance because of its stereotypically negative reputation. He bought the EDGE’s Injury-only coverage because disability protection is required by the transportation company he works for. He recently had to claim on his coverage due to a separated shoulder, and was so pleased with the treatment, quickness, and overall handling of the claim that he has decided to add Illness coverage to his policy. Good job changing his mind and earning the trust of another client!

- B.W., advisor

It’s been almost 3 years since my accident, and I am unable to return to work. With your help and the insurance you provided me, I was 100% focused on my rehabilitation. Since day 1, you answered all my questions, and were patient throughout. I am really happy that I found an insurance agent that I know will take care of me, and all my concerns. I appreciate the great customer service that I receive every time. The insurance plan you provided ensured a comfortable and worry-free financial future. Thanks to The EDGE and all your help, my family and I can continue to live comfortably. I am glad that I listened to all of your advice in regards to my insurance choices before my accident.

- L.M., policyholder

I would like to take this opportunity to thank your company and the staff for their help while my husband was off after being injured. The EDGE paid exactly what I was told they would and processed the claim quickly. My Customer Service Representative was very helpful and always quick to return calls with the answers to my questions. I am always very nervous buying disability insurance because not all companies can be trusted, however this was not the case with The Edge Benefits. I will be sure to tell my friends of my good experience with the EDGE.

- G. & E. R., policyholders

From the minute I called in to advise of my cancer diagnosis, your customer service team was polite, courteous and caring. They emailed me my claims documents within a few days and a representative from Chubb even called me 2 days after I submitted the claims forms to advise they had received them and were sorry to hear of my diagnosis. Throughout the process, your team kept me informed and was always sympathetic towards my diagnosis. All said and done, the claim was paid within 30 days of me submitting the required documents. Well done and thank you from the bottom of my heart! I will continue to promote your excellent company and outstanding customer service!

- M.M., policyholder

I just wanted to follow up with you to tell you how thankful we all are that you were able to help my client with his claim. Whatever you did behind the scenes obviously paid off and I cannot tell you how thankful we are. My client is also elated and appreciative so I wanted to send that along as well. Even though it is a smaller dollar amount to the EDGE/Co-op, it was a larger dollar amount to him and has already made a big difference. Again, thank you!

- D.F., advisor

Within 10 minutes of calling EDGE, we were given a solution that helped us keep our client happy. You not only made a difference to our client, but because of your help I should be able to grow this account instead of lose it.

- C.K., advisor

The EDGE is the future of our industry!

- D.W., advisor

The customer service representative that helped me today was 10 out of 10 fantastic. Thanks so much!

- G.O., advisor

Customer service is an absolute pleasure to deal with. They are very polite, informative and most of all they complete my requests very, very quickly.

- Anonymous advisor

Customer service staff are 10-out-of-10 professionals, courteous, and – to top it off – always present a great attitude. I really appreciate it!

- G.O., advisor

EDGE Sales Consultants are unbelievably helpful, knowledgeable, and very pleasant to work with. They go above and beyond what I expect of them in their efforts to help me with my clients. I am definitely more confident in promoting The Edge Benefits’ products knowing that we have great resources like your Sales Consultants to rely on!

- E.D., advisor

Your online customer service is amazing. Your staff are knowledgeable, professional and are able to find the answers I need.

- G.B., advisor

The customer service agents are ALWAYS helpful, courteous and pleasant. I’m happy to say that I’ve never had a bad experience. Thank you so much!

- C.B., advisor

Thanks so much to EDGE customer service staff for going above and beyond and getting our customer’s policy issued quickly!

- T.V., advisor

Your staff was very patient and understanding. They helped me sort out simple questions that had me flustered and walked me through several steps. It was a wonderful customer care experience.

- G.M., advisor

As always, your customer service staff are polite, efficient, and – best of all – very knowledgeable.

- B.M., advisor

Thank you for prompt, professional and courteous service each and every time I call!

- C.B., advisor

Love the system of benefits – so easy to apply for!

- Anonymous advisor

We were extremely pleased with how fast and efficient our customer service representative was.

- W.B., policyholder

The claims process was handled with empathy and professionalism.

- Anonymous policyholder

Your staff make calling in a pleasant experience and I always get all of the information I need.

- L.U., policyholder

Your representatives made sure I knew all the details of my policy before buying. That is always important!

- P.S., policyholder

I’ve called twice now and I’m very happy that your customer service staff know their stuff; this is very, very important!

- R.E., policyholder

My experience with EDGE claims staff was outstanding.

- C.R., policyholder

I have spoken with customer service several times and I am always impressed with their knowledge, professionalism, and friendliness!

- S.S., policyholder

Awesome company – never against clients, very polite, experienced, very professional. I will always recommend to all my friends and colleagues. I’m very happy to be with The EDGE and to receive your services.

- W.P., policyholder

Thanks for all your understanding and support during this difficult time. You have been extremely helpful, informative and compassionate during this injury.

- F. M., policyholder

I was very impressed with the claims process, and how quick and easy it was to get it done.

- E.K., policyholder

I was extremely impressed with the service I received from The Edge Benefits customer service staff. They were friendly, answered my questions and were empathetic to my injury/situation. I would highly recommend The EDGE.

- C.D., policyholder

I am very happy with your service and all people handling my case are more than professional. I would never change your service after my current experience.

- M.K., policyholder

EDGE’s case consultants are wonderful. They are very easy to talk to and made me feel that my claim is important. This was a difficult time for me and EDGE’s staff made every call positive.

- Anonymous policyholder

EDGE offers the best products for the customer’s need. I really appreciate what the company does.

- F.A., policyholder

Your representatives are very knowledgeable, professional and direct. My experience was very refreshing!

- G.D., policyholder

I really appreciate how personable my experience with EDGE’s customer service team was. Impressive!

- D.R., policyholder

Your staff provided superior service, dealt with my issue promptly and even waited for me to download and print the necessary paperwork. They walked me through how to complete the claim paperwork, and in a matter of minutes all was taken care of.

- J.O., policyholder

The staff at EDGE Benefits were very helpful, listened carefully and answered all of my questions to my satisfaction.

- Anonymous policyholder

Thank you for an easy application, it took only under 10 minutes! I would definitely recommend this to my family and friends. Looking forward to using the plan. Thank you!

- J.P., policyholder

We sell the EDGE products because of their simplicity. EDGE coverage is straight forward and the clients know exactly what they are purchasing. There is no waiting for the injury portion of the Disability Insurance to be issued. The instant issue products are perfect for our self-employed clients who are on the go all the time. The EDGE claim process also seems to go a lot easier than traditional claims.

- B.B., advisor

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