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Canadian Government’s Proposed Tax of Health Care Benefits

- 01/01/2017

Don’t Tax My Health Benefits!

Newmarket, ON, Jan 2017 – As Canada’s Lifestyle Protection Company, The Edge Benefits feels it has a responsibility to inform you of the upcoming proposed taxation of health care benefits.

The Canadian Government is considering taxation of health and dental plans as a source of additional revenue, which will cost Canadians hundreds of dollars, and result in fewer employers who are willing or able to continue to offer these benefits.

If this proposed tax is approved, lower and middle class Canadians will lose access to valuable preventative care (such as vision care, prescriptions drugs, dental care, chiropractor, physiotherapy, etc.) which is not currently covered under your provincial health plan.

This taxation could mean hundreds of dollars added to your tax bill when you file!

We encourage you to voice your objection to this proposed taxation plan and to pass this along to your clients, friends, family, and business associates to ensure the government hears loudly, that Canadians are opposed to this tax plan, before it is too late.

About The EDGE

The EDGE is a proud member of The Co-operators group of companies offering a simplified approach to complex living benefit solutions for the Canadian consumer, which has been revolutionary in the insurance industry. They provide the self-employed and small business owner with insurance solutions specifically designed to meet their needs. Located in Newmarket, Ontario, they currently have 100 employees, over 60,000 policyholders, and have paid out over $200 million in benefit claims in the last 15 years. Approximately 25,000 licensed insurance advisors across Canada currently select the EDGE products when offering Living Benefit Solutions to meet their clients’ needs. For more information, visit www.edgebenefits.com.

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