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Success Stories

The EDGE proudly supports the financial independence of over 60,000 working Canadians, having paid over $200 million in compensation in the past 15 years alone. We take great pride in making insurance simple to qualify for, easy to buy, and stress-free to use. Hear what some clients have to say about their experiences working with us, and see first-hand how their trust in EDGE provided more than just a safety net during unfortunate circumstances.

Maximize income replacement by coordinating coverage with workplace compensation benefits


59-year-old Truck Driver, Business Owner

What Happened

While working on his truck, this EDGE client slipped and fell, suffering a clavicle and skull fracture.


This client coordinated benefits between EDGE and WCB to receive maximum income replacement and business protection for his disability. His Qualifying Insurable Monthly Earnings (QIME) calculated as $3370.26; WCB approved a monthly benefit amount of $3542.72. Because EDGE’s Loss of Income (LOI) plan guarantees a minimum benefit of 25% of maximum monthly benefits for the first 18 months of compensable disability, his EDGE LOI-Injury claim was approved, topping up his income replacement benefits by another $750 per month. In addition to income replacement, he also received the maximum monthly business expense reimbursement purchased, for the full 24-month benefit period.

End Result

By purchasing EDGE Loss of Income Benefits in addition to WCB coverage, this sole proprietor received the highest amount of monthly income replacement benefits possible. His EDGE policy allowed him to receive 25% more income replacement for the first 18 months of his claim, despite his QIME calculation, providing extra compensation to offset the costs of medical treatment and to maintain his standard of living. He continued to coordinate benefits for the full five-year benefit period of his EDGE LOI policy, and received the full monthly benefit amount purchased under his EDGE Business Overhead Expense policy.

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